Cool Gifts for the Car Guy in Your Life

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Some guys are impossible to buy presents for. It is hard to know what they are going to like, but if they are seriously into their car, then you can buy a gift for the car instead. Trust me, he will love it because car guys like it when you appreciate their ride. And the good news is there is nearly and endless supply of car accessories and gadgets to choose from. Many of them can be used in any car, so you don’t have to worry about being too specific. Here are some of the coolest new gadgets.

Dash Cams: dash cams should really be standard equipment these days. They are priceless if you ever get into an accident that isn’t your fault. And they are great entertainment when something happened on the road, that no one would believe unless they saw it on video. There are several dash cams on the market in every price range. You can find a whole range of dashcams at They come in one and two channel versions, sometimes even integrating GPS and voice commands.

Phone Chargers: depending on the type of phone you have there are several awesome car chargers out there, from simple dual USB connectors, to dash mounted wireless chargers that double as a hands-free mount for your phone. Everyone has got a phone, and a charger is something you are going to use all the time.

Night Vision: That’s right, night vision, how cool is that. There are now night vision kits available that play a lit version of the scene ahead of you in real time as you drive. So, if you are in a situation of poor visibility, you can look at the dash mounted screen and continue safely. These are excellent in areas where there is a lot of wild animals, such as deer, and it is a great safety feature for mixed lighting conditions. They can be used in conjunction with a rear-view camera as well.

Bluetooth Tire Pressure Gauge: Tire pressure is important, and something we don’t check nearly as often as we should. Now you can buy valve stem caps with pressure gauges built in that can be read from your phone by Bluetooth. So, you can check your tire pressure even while you are in motion. This is a cool gadget that can be used on any vehicle, and it is not all that expensive either.

Car Tool Set: Lots of car guys have tools, but usually they are back home when you need them. You can buy tool sets that are specially put together for the most common needs you will face on a road trip. Having tools on board can be a real-life saver when you get into trouble late at night or far from home. And what guy doesn’t want more tools?

Hopefully, these ideas will help you get started to find the right gift for your car guy. If you know some of the details of their car, you can get even more specific by getting things made exactly for the make and model. But there are so many aftermarket parts available these days you should have no problem finding something he’s going to love.