College Softball Recruiting Guide: How Does College Softball Recruiting Work?

Every year, young women around the country prepare to contact Division I coaches. Many athletes aspire to be the greatest in the state, but they don’t know what coaches desire. College coaches want recruits to know the game well, but there’s more to the process. Here are the top 4 ways to attract a college softball coach’s attention and get the attention you want. 


Recruiters want athletes to have mastered softball mechanics at this point. At this level, coaches seek to refine talents to best suit the squad, not teach the basics. Recruiters notice the tiniest gestures. Was her glove oriented properly? Did she watch the ball enter her glove? Did she strike with her elbows? Perfecting the basics separates you from other players. You must pay close attention to all aspects of fielding, throwing, and hitting. 

Knowledge of softball 

Softball IQ refers to a player’s softball knowledge. This is shown through communication and play instincts. Coaches can’t teach every circumstance a game throws at you. Each player must know their role well enough to make split-second judgments that benefit the team. It’s not about the catch, but what the player did with it. It’s harder to measure this element, yet it’s crucial to a recruitment deal.


If you have a lousy attitude on the field, you won’t play in Division I or even Division II. 

The player controls this. Recruiters examine how a player departs the box after striking out, if they gloat while hitting a homerun, and how they respect their coaches. If you have a bad attitude, you’ll be uncoachable and avoided. 

Uncoachable collegiate athletes are easily discarded. Coaches discuss among themselves and warn other teams about players that may be uncoachable. Respect your teammates, coaches, opponents, and umpires to avoid a poor reputation. 


Finally, the amount of effort you put into the game affects how recruiters view you and your potential success. From putting on your cleats to taking them off, your energy should be contagious. Whether you communicate well or increase team spirit is something recruits will clearly see.

Losses frequently expose people’s efforts. When your team is down, give 100%. Even if your team loses, never giving up may get you to the big leagues in the end. Individual effort controls this team-based game. Your effort will be matched by your teammates and is admirable. This kind of quality will help you be recruited by college coaches. 

Follow these four guidelines if you want to play softball in college. Recruiters consider talent and charisma in order to find the right athletes for their successful teams. You want to be the perfect player on your dream squad? Giving it your best and focusing on what you can control to help the team succeed is exactly what recruiters seek.. If you improve in these four areas, you may get a scholarship to your dream school.  With practice, master fundamentals, softball knowledge, attitude, and effort to get recruited as a softball player.

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