The Importance of Cloud Monitoring Operations

Nearly 100% of businesses use the cloud in some capacity to help their operations run smoothly. Today, businesses rely on cloud tools to store data and take on workloads, and some businesses even utilize more than one cloud system. According to Nasuni, there is over 1 exabyte of data stored in the cloud, emphasizing its importance in today’s operations. 

AWS, Azure, and Google cloud are the leading providers of cloud storage space, showing tremendous growth and capabilities since their conceptions. However, despite this success and growth, gaps in the cloud infrastructure and a lack of visibility is becoming an increasingly serious problem for users. In fact, nearly half of all companies have seen performance issues from poor cloud visibility. This limited visibility leads to limited functionality, increasing the chances of cyber attacks and leading to poor migration support. Because of this, companies are regularly reporting numerous grievances relating to their cloud services.
Despite these difficulties, studies show that 80% of organizations are looking to increase their investments in cloud monitoring and cloud visibility. Advanced monitoring solutions are being implemented to ensure that the current issues with cloud operations are improved and ultimately resolved. Cloud operations should be a simple extension to how one conducts business, and the future is bright for this budding technological aid.

The Importance of Cloud Monitoring & Why It’s So Hard
Source: Live Action