Chartering a Crewed Yacht: What you Should Know

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If you and a group
of friends are planning to charter a crewed yacht, there is a lot to consider,
and aside from the choice of vessel, there are many rules and regulations
concerned with chartering a yacht. In this article, we will run through most of
these unspoken rules to help you gain a deeper understanding of chartering a
crewed yacht.

  • Roles and Responsibilities – When you charter a crewed yacht, the
    crew are responsible for the safety of all aboard, while also doing what they
    can to make the experience an enjoyable one for their clients. The captain and
    the crew have been hired by the yacht’s owner and they would have an intimate
    knowledge of the vessel and its capabilities, and the captain is the person who
    makes any decisions regarding routes and destinations. One of the best yacht
    charter companies is Simpson Yacht Charter, an established firm that has depots
    all over the world, and they have a great range of catamarans, yachts and
    superyachts for charter.
  • Safety Briefing – This would be done prior to your arrival at the
    boat, which ensures that you and the other passengers are fully aware of the
    safety rules and regulations.
  • Client Preferences – The charter company would ask you to fill
    out a form that specifies the needs of all passengers and would include
    information about arrival and departure times, any dietary requirements,
    information about any passengers that have a medical condition and any special
    requests you might have for activities. This list would include the menus for
    your holiday and a list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that you wish to
    enjoy. Here is some useful information about the vitamins in processed food, which is worth the read.
  • Inviting Guests – If you are planning to entertain aboard the yacht,
    then you will need to inform the charter company in advance, so that they can
    make sure they have adequate provisions.
  • Crew Quarters – The crew have their own quarters, usually at the
    stern (rear) of the boat, and this area would be out of bounds for any passengers.
  • Planning the Route – Of course, this would be done via their
    website when you first make the booking, and subject to weather, the schedule
    would be followed. Of course, if you wished to deviate from the planned route
    at any time, this would be at the discretion of the captain, who would oblige
    it at all possible.
  • Smoking Policy – It is general policy that the suites are no-smoking
    areas, while there would be an area on deck where people can smoke, and you are
    advised to mention if any of your party are smokers. If your business is
    suffering from Covid-19,
    here is a link to the UK government website that offers support for UK

The yacht charter
firm are very good at what they do, and it is their goal to make your holiday a
special one, and by observing the rules, everyone will be safe while having a
great time. If you are unsure about anything, talk to the charter company and
if you are already at sea, the captain is the best person to talk to.