The Cannabis Job Market Yields Massive Employment Opportunities

Little by little cannabis is being legalized all over the US. Cannabis has a long history of providing pain relief for people all over the world, but it’s still seen in a very negative light by many Americans. Nevertheless, actually legalizing cannabis could open the opportunities for regulations to be set in place to protect from overuse or inappropriate use. 

Despite the stigma, for many people cannabis is the best solution for chronic pain management. It offers relief without the negative side effects or the high cost of traditional pharmaceuticals. For this reason alone, legalizing cannabis is vital for regulating it as a medication and allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis as a viable option. 

As legalization progresses, pain management is far from the only benefit we’re seeing. In fact, cannabis legalization has actually opened up a whole new field of jobs for the workforce. As of last year, legal cannabis yielded 321k full-time jobs all over the country, and that number will grow to 600k in the coming 4 years. 
From cannabis specific jobs such as master extractor, master grower, and edibles chef; to support jobs like legal services, IT, HR, and security, cannabis is providing not only relief from chronic pain, but a whole harvest of new job opportunities.

The Cannabis Job Market