Can Cleaning Your Home In A Certain Order Save Time & Energy?

There are very definite advantages to being methodical when cleaning your home, and while it can be tempting to simply start cleaning in the room you happen to be in, this can consume more time and effort than you desire. By tackling the worst affected rooms or spaces first, and creating a system that ensures everywhere is cleaned when it needs to be, you can get a handle on your dirty, cluttered home, quicker than you may think possible.  

With a clear and defined system to your cleaning, you can not only make short work of it, but you can prevent germs and dust from being spread from one space to another, essentially undoing all of your efforts. To help you create a time and effort-saving methodical cleaning schedule, here are a few tips:

  • Check whether anything needs to be soaked

From stained laundry to stuck-on food on dishes or crockpots, soaking things while you get on with other cleaning tasks, is a great way to save time. 

  • Declutter before cleaning

Trying to clean up around clutter isn’t just time consuming, but it makes the task pretty difficult, and while decluttering will take a few more minutes of your time initially, it will absolutely be worth it in the long run. As you go around decluttering, figure out whether any of the items can be sold or donated to charity, and if you don’t have enough storage space for items that you don’t want to be kept out on display, invest in some large boxes or new cabinets

  • Start at the top and work your way down

If you clean the floor first, and then climb a stepladder and clean your ceiling fans, you’ll likely find yourself having to clean the floor again – what an unholy waste of time and effort! Start at the top of the room, and work your way down to avoid cleaning the same space twice. 

  • Clean wet spaces before tackling anywhere else

We all know that bathrooms and kitchens – essentially rooms in which water is frequently used – take the longest to clean, and yet they are the two spaces in the home that are the most important to keep clean and hygienic. With this in mind, always tackle these rooms first, and once you’ve soaked things, decluttered, dusted and vacuumed, you can get these spaces out of the way.  

  • Clean the floors last

Most cleaning involves dust and debris being transmitted down to the floor, and it’s for this reason that you should always vacuum and mop the floors last. 

  • Hire a cleaning service 

Want a clean home without having to put any time and effort in? Simply hire a cleaning service and forget all about wasted time and energy – your home will be clean while you simply go about your day. 

Haphazard cleaning might still get the job done, but it will almost certainly take you longer and will undoubtedly require more effort. To get your home clean without wasting any of your precious time and energy, use the tips listed above to clean it in a methodical way, or hire a cleaning service