Blockchain and Health: Gamification for the Win

It has been proven that people respond to treatments better with the introduction of a token system or reward. The process of using elements such as point scoring, rules, and rewards is part of gamification. It is a tool that is being used more frequently to encourage engagement with different products and services. Let’s see how gamification and blockchain and health are on the rise.

Recently, there has even been a rise in gamification in the health-care industry. Patients can be rewarded for things as simple as attending their scheduled doctors appointments! The telehealth market has taken advantage of the rise in gamification. Some companies reward their patients with cryptocurrency for healthy behaviors such as taking their medication or following their doctors orders. 

Gamification strengthens patients’ focus and orients them towards their goals. Using rewards motivates patients to continue practicing their healthy behaviors. This is even in the time where many people are attending appointments remotely. These practices improve overall health outcomes for patients, as well as minimize losses for healthcare providers as patients are more inclined to listen to the advice they’re giving.

Overall, gamification can be used as a marketing tool for many companies trying to encourage consumers to use their products or services. It can also be used to foster healthy behaviors in patients. The benefits of reward systems have been proven time and time again, so why shouldn’t it be used in the medical field?
Learn more about blockchain in health and gamification in the infographic below:

Blockchain & The Future Of Medicine