Beverage Trends: The Shift to Healthy Drinking

Alcoholic beverages and sugary drinks are some of the most popular drinking options for Americans. However, the recent rapid growth and innovation of the beverage market has increased the popularity of the non-alcoholic beverage market.  Let’s learn about these beverage trends.

One of the growing categories is functional waters, which includes healthy additives such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables.  The increasing public desire for drinks with ingredients that help induce weight loss or support human nutrition has contributed to the growth of the functional water market.  The organic beverages market is a category that is growing as well due to an increasing interest in organic products that are sugar-free and caffeine-free while being naturally flavored.  

The ready-to-drink (RTD) tea and coffee market is also a popular non-alcoholic category as coffee continues to naturally energize the world.  Rising awareness of healthy habits, a stronger demand for low-sugar alternatives, and shifting demand thanks to COVID-19 has helped drive the RTD coffee market.  For those health-conscious individuals who prefer a caffeine-free energy boost are buying herbal and highly oxidized tea, helping to raise the value of the tea market.  Innovations such as cold brews and plant-based milk blends are further revamping the cold tea option.  

The many alternatives to alcoholic beverages that are gaining the attention of the public have possibly contributed to the growth and innovation of the RTD alcoholic beverages market as more brands offer healthy ingredients and flavors in the market.  The added attention to the negative effects of alcohol consumption as well as preference for drinks that contain less alcohol have helped make the RT alcoholic beverages market a success.  

The lean towards non-alcoholic drinks have also affected the bar scene as mocktails become an increasingly popular choice.  The desire of younger consumers who are more focused on healthier options but still want to experience the luxurious tastes of mixed drinks have helped mocktails gain more orders from non-drinkers who aren’t just pregnant women.  Mocktails are a healthier choice for everyone, even for children.

The non-alcoholic beverage market is on the rise and might help people create better drinking habits. Learn more about these beverage trends in the infographic below:

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The Rise of the Mocktail