The Key to Finding the Best Small Business Printer

Don’t let a bad printer slow down your small business. Half of all businesses say they cannot operate without a printer for their daily operations, such as legal, auto, and healthcare occupations. With so many options out on the market, how do organizations find the best small business printer for them?

One of the first things to consider is the costs that will go into the printer. Ink printers cost over $12,000 per gallon of ink, while laser printer ink cartridges cost only $0.075, with toner cartridges costing $0.05. The ink for laser printers also never smudges, dries out or expires, making it a more cost-effective decision for most small businesses.

Laser printers are more durable, constructed with a steel frame and more compact size for easier mobility. They are easy to secure against network attacks as they can be password protected and, in some cases, reboot themselves when a security issue is detected. They house the ability for the use of multiple employees on a single printer network, as well as accessible cloud services. 
As a small business owner, a printer can easily become your most valuable worker. Make an informed decision and find the best fit for your company to increase productivity and output.

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought