Bamboo Vs. Standard Toilet Paper: Everything you Need to Know

TP fight? Not literally, but there is a new contender entering the ring (your bathroom) and it looks like a champion. There’s a lot of talk going on about bamboo toilet paper and regular toilet paper and it’s all about which one is better. Sure they’re both great, but which one is the winner? We’ll let you decide. Here’s everything you need to know about bamboo versus standard toilet paper. 

Bamboo Toilet Paper 


There are so many good things about bamboo toilet paper. Not only will you like it but the environment will thank you as well. For starters, bamboo fibers are much softer and stronger than the recycled and wood fibers used for standard toilet paper. When 100% real bamboo is used the outcome is a softer and stronger toilet paper.  

Bamboo toilet paper is so much better for the environment than its standard counterpart. Bamboo is a miraculous plant capable of growing up to three feet in just 24 hours, uses 30% less water than most trees and one acre produces 35% more oxygen than one acre of trees in a forest. It is also super sustainable and does not need to be replanted. Typically bamboo harvests are done once a year and that is plenty to make a plethora of toilet paper. 

Convenience is key and bamboo toilet paper can be delivered right to your door. You can try it out and if you decide that you love it, set up scheduled deliveries so you’re always stocked up. Save a trip to the store and avoid ever having to fit a giant bundle of toilet paper in your car or cabinets.

Most bamboo toilet paper manufacturers are making their TP with three layers, yes that’s three ply! It is much stronger, way softer, and you get an extra layer. Compared to standard toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper has no excess lint and over all more wiping power. The rolls also come individually wrapped so they stay clean and sanitary until you need a new one. 


The only bad thing about bamboo toilet paper is that you might miss out on that super cheap bargain deal on the traditional TP, however; many companies are offering a discount on your first order so you can still find a great deal.

Standard Toilet Paper


When it comes to regular/standard toilet paper there are a wide variety of options to choose from. The ultra soft, super strong, and the big bargain packs that have giant rolls so you don’t need to replace them that often. It’s nice to have options and you can find great products that fit your budget all over town in every supermarket. 


Sometimes you never know until you try it and this can definitely be true when purchasing toilet paper. Standard toilet paper tends to have a lot of excess lint that gets left behind, nobody wants those stragglers. They also make some of the rolls too big! It’s a great idea, get as much as you can on one roll but they might not even fit in the holders in most people’s homes. 

So many trees are used to make standard toilet paper, and to supply the demand, approximately 30,000 trees are cut down daily for the sole purpose of making toilet paper. 

None of these materials will be recycled and all of the toilet paper will wind up in landfills or our oceans. 

In order to be stocked up and reduce the amount of TP trips you make every month, it makes sense to buy the bargain bundle but now you have too much toilet paper and no really good place to put it, you might even have to squeeze it in your car.