Are Open Houses Safe

Open houses are going to be very different from how they were previously held. Prior to the pandemic, people could easily pop into an open house, unannounced, and greet everyone without fearing a contagious illness. Now, realtors like Shalom Lamm, have been extremely cautious when curating open houses.

Their home that is for sale has to be sanitized regularly. In addition, there can only be a few people in the home at a time. There should be no crowds or food as there previously might’ve been. These open houses have to be regulated by realtors so that there isn’t close contact with anyone. Furthermore, if realtors want to be 100% safe, they should schedule an online open house session. By showing a virtual tour or the home they can bring people into the home that are more serious about purchasing. The initial tour could help eliminate those who are not interested without exposing themselves further. Shalom Lamm believes that realtors have to take these seriously so that open houses can continue happening.