Alcohol Continues to Take a Rising Toll on Americans.

In an alarming new study, the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Alcoholism Research reports that between the years 1999 thru 2017 annual deaths by alcohol had doubled in the United States. The researchers responsible for the article also said that this statistic was probably underreported as well. The study also showed that men had a higher mortality rate with alcohol related deaths than women, but that the overall annual fatality rate for women induced by alcohol remained at a steadily higher rate than that of men. The study also said that Native Americans in both Alaska and the contiguous United States continued to climb during that same period, at an alarming rate. 

Nearly half of the reported deaths were attributed to alcoholic overdoses that interacted with other pharmaceutical drugs ingested at the same time, or from chronic liver disease. Older persons, between the ages of fifty-five and sixty-four, also had an increased tendency to die from alcohol related problems. The data for this study was culled from official county death certificates for a period of eighteen years. These studies also indicated that the death rate from alcohol abuse and related morbidities went up by over fifty percent per one-hundred-thousand people during the same time period — from 16.9 all the way up to 25.5. A statistic that has been confirmed by the Institute of National Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism.