5 Things To Add To Your Holiday Gift Hamper

Thinking of a way to add a little extra fun to your holiday gift-giving? Why not include a holiday gift hamper as well? Not only will it stand out from the other present box, but it will demonstrate that you put time and thought into your gift.

Here are five items to incorporate into your hampers:

1) A personalized holiday tumbler

To create a fun and festive holiday gift box, start with a customized tumbler. Why not give the gift of a hot cup of cocoa to someone special? Personalize their tumbler with a unique Christmas design or a funny saying. They will love using it to serve drinks at their holiday party throughout December and January! 

Plus, they can use it as a decor piece all year long.

2) Socks

Socks are always useful, especially during the winter. Soaking wet shoes can ruin your day. So if you want to give someone something simple yet practical, consider including some new socks in their holiday gift hamper. Providing them with dry feet can help banish bad moods and keep them happy!

3) A new mitten or glove set

This is an excellent opportunity to add a couple of mittens or glove sets to your hamper. Everyone needs them when it’s cold outside.

4) A pampering set

In doubt of what to include in your hamper? Make your recipient pamper themselves with a set of soothing bath salts, bubble baths, and some fun fragrant oils. This will help them relax, de-stress, reduce anxiety and give them a restful night’s sleep.

It won’t just make their holiday season better, but it will be beneficial all year long.

5) Polaroid camera

Make your bonding extra special with polaroid pictures. This fun and quirky holiday gift hamper idea can capture the realness of a moment. Not only can you make a video out of it, but you’ll have a keepsake to hold onto too.

These gift sets can be purchased at various department stores, drugstores, and online gift shops. They are easy to get a hold of and can be personalized to fit your recipient.

Don’t forget to include a little gift card or a note to help out the receivers. They may have been planning on getting this for themselves, so it will be a fun surprise.

Include some optional items to add more spice to the hamper: Some chocolates, cookies, or other tasty treats can be included to make the gift extra special.

Wrap up

Gift hampers are all about customization, so you can tie in anything that symbolizes the theme or season. It is a special and thoughtful way to add a fun and unique touch to your gifting and to encourage them to use their hamper throughout the year.

Bear in mind that gift-giving is about your relationship with the receiver. The more you put into it, the more they will love you for it. The more memorable your gift, the better their experience will be, and you’ll make a wonderful memory.

Do you have any other Christmas gift hamper ideas? Share them with us!