4 ways to use kiddie pools this summer

Two dogs playing in a kiddie pool, one diving her head under water, the other watching the splashes; both getting cool on a hot day

Kiddie pools are an ideal solution to creating a fun activity for your bustling children. Now more than ever kids are wanting to play outside with quarantine and restrictions that are imposed on them for their safety. A great way to allow your kids to have fun this summer while staying safe is a kiddie pool. Easily shipped, setup, and taken down; a kiddie pool is perfect for any living situation and very versatile. Even if you aren’t a kid and just need some creature comforts of a soak and some sun a kiddie pool is a great option. Below are 4 ways you can use a kiddie pool this summer. 

Intended purpose

Kiddie pools are specifically designed to hold water and become a little miniature pool. The nice thing about kiddie pools over a normal pool is that they do not need to be maintained all year long. Many people across the country face harsh winters which makes having a real pool more of a nuisance than something to enjoy. With a kiddie pool you are able to pull it out, fill it up, and enjoy pool side drinks while you watch your kids have fun. Another awesome feature of kiddie pool is that you are able to easily completely empty the pool for routine cleanings to ensure it is as sanitary as possible.

Create a ball pit

If having a kiddie pool begins getting old for the kids a good way to spice it up is to drain the pool and replace the water with plastic balls to have your very own miniature ball pit! An important thing to note with ball pits is that you need to select the ball size appropriate for the age range and you should look for plastic balls that are Phthalate free. Once you have the plastic balls you can enjoy hours of fun with your kids jumping in and throwing balls around just like they are able to at the public play area. With COVID-19 this gives your kids a bit of normalcy and the ability to be kids again playing in a ball pit without a worry in the world.

Store drinks for a party

If your kids have left the nest or you’re just looking to host a party one use for a kiddie pool is to be an ice container. For those evenings when you’re planning on having people over and don’t have a cooler, a kiddie pool can act as a quick solution. Draining the water and replacing it with ice takes very little time and all you have to do from there is burry your beverages of choice in ice to get them chilly. Not only is this a last-minute fix, but often times it can be a conversation starter and even elevate the theme of your party. Next time you are having a social gathering instead of buying a cooler consider utilizing a kiddie pool in this new and exciting way.

Wash your pets

Washing your pets can get difficult if you live somewhere where space is tight. Many people opt for the shower, sink, or backyard to wash their pet. Consider using a kiddie pool the next time your furry friend needs a bath. Since kiddie pools are round you are able to better maneuver around your pet to ensure you are giving them the best clean possible. More likely than not your pet will even enjoy baths thinking that the kiddie pool is just playtime but with water; making the experience better for both of you.

Overall kiddie pools are very versatile and the only limits to the uses they have is your imagination.