How Do Online Word Counts Work?

Maybe you have come across this magical tool that writers leverage to enhance their work known as the online word counter.  After all, it has been an integral feature in word processing applications for decades.  Perhaps you have used it occasionally, or not at all but either way aren’t too sure about the practical applications

Access to Platforms comes with Responsibility

Josh Nass Strategies focuses on a myriad of issues in the communications space for many different interests – both private and public. One of the most important principles for any business – large, medium or small, is maintaining discretion and gaining clients’ trust. This is especially imperative in communications and the media world.  The media

The Many Benefits of DIY Home Improvements

Australian homeowners have always been proud of their living space and most are happy to spend on improvements over the years, which is a long-term investment that makes our living space more comfortable. The rising cost of living, however, makes calling in a local builder a very expensive exercise, which is why many homeowners are

Mint Mobile An affordable phone Carrier

Mint mobile is used by people across the nation – and they are speaking out about it. It’s growing in popularity ever since Ryan Reynolds became an owner (OMG, right?!). From Amazon to Google and Facebook to Trustpilot let’s discuss some of the reviews that Mint mobile has gotten.  Facebook (including over 13,000 reviews) rates