How to Be a Good Educator

Once the “normal” education system flew out the door thanks to COVID-19, the government had to make decisions on what would happen in schools. For example, would children be doing hybrid classes or online schools only? So many factors go into establishing a strong school system that can support children’s young minds as they adapt

Is Writing Daily Healthy?

For many, daily writing can be an expressive form of art. Writing poems or soliloquies can be very beneficial to the person at hand. For thousands of people, like Ken Kurson, writing is a gift. Some people depend on writing because it’s therapeutic or has positive benefits. Writing can be very healthy for an individual

How to Start a Blog

When starting a blog, remember to make sure you’re ready to do so. There are so many parts that file into having a successful platform. For example, expert Ken Kurson says that a writer should have a few weeks of content prepared before posting. The biggest hurdle to jump over, when starting, is consistency and