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Strip Lashes: What’s Involved?

Lashes can change your appearance and make your eyes look big and pretty. When mascara isn’t enough and not doing the job, sometimes you got to go the extra mile to achieve the look you want. Strip lashes have been around for a century now. Strip lashes came in fashion around the 1920s and have

Facelift Procedure: What to Expect?

Skin loses its elasticity and freshness with time, ultimately leading to wrinkles and sagging. A facelift is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure performed to lift and tighten these facial tissues. A facelift procedure can involve smoothing out folds or wrinkles, tightening facial tissue, and removing excess skin. Brow or eyelift are not included in

Symptoms of Colon Cancer You Shouldn’t Avoid

When you have a history of colon cancer in your family, it can often seem like every symptom means that you yourself have a diagnosis. However, you should try not to stress. Many of the symptoms of colon cancer are caused by completely unrelated issues quite regularly in cancer-free people. However, there are certain symptoms

What is a Title Loan Really?

Loans have become a very large and important part of life for people all around the world. Being able to borrow money for large purchases such as a home, vehicle, or business startup (such as a Merchant Services ISO), is the only way most people are able to do so. With that said, there are

Hemp Loan: What is it?

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the 2018 Farm Bill,  legalized the growth, sale, and transportation of hemp across state lines and removed hemp from the list of Schedule I controlled substances. With hemp now legalized, cannabidiol (CBD products), which are derived from hemp, are being sold across the United States. Many

Acai Bowls: When to Eat Them?

If you’ve been on the Internet at all in the past few years odds are that you’ve seen the beauty that is an acai bowl. Sure, you might know that they are pretty and colorful and seemingly healthy, but there’s still probably a lot that you don’t know about them – including how to pronounce