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Businessman's Sexually Harassing Female Colleague By Touching Her Shoulder

How Music Benefits Us

Music benefits the human race in a variety of ways. By having an outlet to express oneself, individuals can really let go of negative emotions and stressors. Ken Kurson, a rock musician, uses music to express his feelings. Writing lyrics is very monumental for musicians and can really help get their voices out. Serotonin usually

How to Be a Good Educator

Once the “normal” education system flew out the door thanks to COVID-19, the government had to make decisions on what would happen in schools. For example, would children be doing hybrid classes or online schools only? So many factors go into establishing a strong school system that can support children’s young minds as they adapt

Is Writing Daily Healthy?

For many, daily writing can be an expressive form of art. Writing poems or soliloquies can be very beneficial to the person at hand. For thousands of people, like Ken Kurson, writing is a gift. Some people depend on writing because it’s therapeutic or has positive benefits. Writing can be very healthy for an individual

10 Rules For Keeping Your Debit Card Safe

The importance of financial security cannot be overstated. By the end of this year, global card losses are projected to reach $35 million — a figure that climbs annually.  Fortunately, most scams and frauds are preventable. Thieves prey on complacency, so following a few best practices can keep your debit card safe and secure. Follow