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Are Hampton Beaches COVID-19 Safe?

To be candid, there are no “safe” places during COVID-19. That being said, there are plenty of options for folks who want to explore the Hamptons but keep a distance from others. Most residents, like Helen Lee Schifter, own million-dollar houses. Depending on where on the island they are located, some have private beaches. Airbnb’s

Form your LLC with the help of these services

How to Gain Writing Insights

When writing a press release, briefing, speech, article, journal, or any other type of writing it’s important to have positive feedback. Criticism is a really great way to learn and adapt your writing to grow and develop. Many skilled writers, like Ken Kurson, enjoy getting feedback because it leads to insights.  When gathering feedback, it’s

How to Start a Blog

When starting a blog, remember to make sure you’re ready to do so. There are so many parts that file into having a successful platform. For example, expert Ken Kurson says that a writer should have a few weeks of content prepared before posting. The biggest hurdle to jump over, when starting, is consistency and

The Popularity of Sole Proprietorships

The Art of Journalism

There is an art when it comes to the topic of journalism. For thousands of years, writing has been a form of communication and protection. It’s how kings and queens ruled large lands, how trades were made, and how Egyptians communicated their history. Writing is so significant to each and every one of us. That’s

How Does Writing Affect the World

Writing affects the world in tremendous and extraordinary ways. Being able to connect to others through writing has been a pillar in civilization development. Writing has been so important for thousands of years. It has established so much history that it’s almost unimaginable, according to journalists like Ken Kurson. The way writing has affected the

What to Do With Writer’s Block

Most journalists go through writer’s block a few times in their careers. Writer’s block is when one is writing a story and the words seem to be escaping one’s mind. It can be very detrimental to writers, especially when there is a breaking story or deadline fastly approaching, Ken Kurson’s advice on writer’s block is

How American History Shapes Us

American history has a tremendous impact on the globe. Finally, economically, politically, and environmentally, America has shaped how people all around the world interact with American culture. The nuclear attacks from World War II have perceived an image of how dedicated Americans are to protecting their country. Shalom Lamm, an American Military graduate, has a