Are Open Houses Safe

Open houses are going to be very different from how they were previously held. Prior to the pandemic, people could easily pop into an open house, unannounced, and greet everyone without fearing a contagious illness. Now, realtors like Shalom Lamm, have been extremely cautious when curating open houses. Their home that is for sale has


People like Alexander Djerassi have seen sunsets in their lives. Sunsets really move people because of their beauty and natural existence. Everything about a sunset is organic and not planned. The earth is full of magnificent horizons and whenever someone has the chance to chase a sunset, it’s highly recommended. The sun is a very

History in 2020

Historians like Shalom Lamm are doing their best to keep up with the current events of society. Millions of people have been affected by the coronavirus and are doing their best to maintain good spirits. However, historians are having a difficult time digesting all this information into books.  Previously, the current events could be considered

Listening to International News

This is of great importance in listening to international news. In America, people tend to live in a very thick bubble which correlates to the many negative stories it globally poses. That being said, by studying foreign affairs and policies, one can learn to be more cohesive with other places around the world. Many topics

Positive Mindsets

Having a positive mindset is critical for anyone’s professional success. Any career path has challenged and difficult characteristics. However, those who show dedication, like Alexander Djerassi, are successful. When working multiple different jobs it becomes difficult to manage all tasks at once. With a positive attitude, one can configure a way to maintain positivity and

Best Places in California

California is one of the most beautiful states in the country. It ranges from north to south and is filled with luscious history. The climates are very different depending on what part of the state one chooses. There are the luxurious beaches of Los Angeles and Malibu. On the other hand, there are landscapes full

COVID-19: A Perilous Time

COVID-19 is the virus that caused the pandemic in 2020. Although it did not start in America, it was transferred here during the first few months of the year. The symptoms of COVID-19 are severe cough, chills, high fevers, monitoring, diarrhea, congestion, no tastes or minimal smell, and intense body aches. When walking, see if

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is located in California. It was created in 1890. There are many natural wonders at Yosemite National Park. Native Americans used to reside there until the settlers ruined their habitats. The park is almost the size of the state of Rhode Island. It has many animals like wolves, buffalo, foxes, deer, elk,

How to Be More Eco-Conscious

Alexander Djerassi, a diplomat, has made an effort to be as environmentally conscious of his actions as possible. There are hundreds of ways that people can change their habits to be more clean and green. In the beginning, some routines may seem difficult to get used to but, when the planet is greener and healthier,