Where Do Pure Nootropics Come From?

Nootropics are highly sought after, and rightfully so. The many positive effects associated with them has garnered plenty of attention and chatter, now more than ever. However, nootropics can be split into two unique families: natural and synthetic. If you have ever heard a controversy around nootropics, that would likely be about synthetic ones. Natural,

When to Wear Strip Eyelashes

Introduction One of the great things about strip eyelashes is that you can wear them on any occasion. They are a highly-versatile accessory that has very few limitations. Whether you’re going on a date or going to work, there are styles available that are suited for each, and everything in-between. But knowing when to apply

What is a Trademark Cease and Desist Letter?

First of all, a trademark refers to a form of intellectual property that contains a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services from a specific source.  A trademark cease and desist letter is a notification that your business would put into action to alert an alleged trademark-infringer that they are creating confusion

Baby Balm: Is It Safe for My Baby?

As parents we always want the best for our babies. Unfortunately, there are tons of different things out there that are potentially harmful to our little ones. Sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish between things that are safe versus things that are unsafe. This is especially true when it comes to baby products. Everything is going

What are the Stages of Pancreatic Cancer?

Cancer diagnosis can be hard to interpret with a lot of medical terminologies that might not make intuitive sense. Terms like “stage 1” or “stage 4 metastatic” are just ways of classifying cancer based on their progression. The stage system can also have specific associated symptoms that coincide with them. Below the different stages of

What are Real Food Vitamins?

Did you know that over 90% of the world’s population does not get enough nutrients from their diet alone? Today, over half of the United States takes synthetic nutrients like multivitamins to bridge the gap that their diet lacks. However, over the years there has been much debate over whether synthetic nutrients provide the same

What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Advertising?

When it comes to marketing, business owners have a ton of options and despite the popularity of digital marketing trends, traditional outdoor advertising still works and is just as effective. Today, when business owners think of marketing, the first thought that typically comes to their mind is digital, web-based and in-home advertising because they feel

When Should I Start Giving My Child Vitamins?

It’s never easy to get kids to eat everything they should. A balanced diet goes out of the door when it comes to mac and cheese and fruit snacks. That’s why parents are so thankful for vitamins. The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t take an official position on giving vitamins to children. Their statement is