Top 10 Tips for Traveling to Germany

Germany is a country that has been well-known for quite a long time. This prevalence originates from the extraordinary culture and history, as well as the wonderful open country and engineering. It’s likewise perhaps of the most visited country in Europe with north of 80 million worldwide guests every year. German culture is altogether different

boomer business

The Boomer Business Bomb

We all recognize those “Mom and Pop” shops or family-owned diners of our hometowns. As time passes, these staples of the community face uncertainty. Many millennials, the adult children of the baby-boomer owners, choose not to inherit these established businesses.  Many millennials are more attracted to tech, media, operations, and healthcare jobs with decent insurance.

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ALZHEIMER’S: FORGETTING AS A DISEASE In Alzheimer’s, the brain slowly degrades – until complete mental deterioration. Maybe you also have a grandpa or grandma whose memory is slowly declining gdpr diritto all oblio. Alzheimer’s is the name of the dreaded disease that is still not curable. It was named after its discoverer, the neurologist Alois Alzheimer. ALOIS